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Eucalyptus (3.4oz)

Eucalyptus (3.4oz)

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PURE FRAGRANCE: 605Products brings you a fragrance that has been crafted by world-class perfumers to reinvigorate your surroundings. The Luxury Home air freshener is a 100% pure fragrance that contains a proprietary blend of essential oils.

HOME OFFICE SMELLS SO GOOD: Who doesn't want to have a fresh scent? This spray with an alluring Coconut Beach fragrance will give you a refreshing feeling as you drive. Spice up your auto, home or office with a unique fragrance scent!

FRAGRANT AMBIANCE FOR HOME & AUTO: Long drives with unpleasant-smelling car scents are something every traveler dreads. With a delightful smell, this car air freshener will eliminate all bad odors and keep you relaxed and in a pleasant frame of mind.

MESS-FREE FRAGRANCE: The whole scented air refresher comes in a spill-free bottle and is easy to use. Just spray the Coconut Beach air freshener around, and you have a wonderful fresh smell that will energize your senses.


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Customer Reviews

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Nia Crume
Fresh and so clean

I always like trying new products and wanted to give this a try. Doesn't have chemicals like other air fresheners which was a plus for me.

The bottle does stand out with the black bottle, black label and a touch of green. Simple yet, eye catching. I like that the price was worth it and the size of the bottle was perfect.

I've been using the essential oil spray mist a lot. It does last a long time but can be a bit overwhelming if your sensitive to smells. I recommend that you spray at least 1-2 times in a particular area because it becomes really strong. I don't go into that area to let it air out some.

A Farentino
Perfect, Light, Clean & Refreshing

Loved It.

H Osaro

It smells soo good!! I like stronger scents so I absolutely love this!!

H Mendoza
Luxurious and Potent

I was not expecting this product to smell just like the mahogany teakwood candle from B&BW. Those who know what I'm talking about, know how good that candle smells. This spray is exactly like it! The eucalyptus scent that is. I love how long-lasting the scent is with only one spray! And the mist is so fine, which helps disperse the scent a lot better. Packaging is sleek and heavy-duty. Definitely recommend for those who like more intense, masculine smells.